Already this year wildfires have threatened homes as they begin and rapidly spread. There is no sure way to stop a wildfire from taking your home but there are ways to defend it. Rich Woodruff from Utah Red Cross joined Good Morning Utah to give 10 tips you can take to create defensible space around your home and property.

  1. Thin trees and brush
  2. Dispose of slash and debris from thinning
  3. Remove dead limbs, leaves and other litter
  4. Stack firewood away from your home
  5. Maintain an irrigated greenbelt
  6. Mow dry grass and weeds
  7. Prune branches 10 feet above the ground
  8. Trim branches away from the roof
  9. Clean roof and gutters
  10. Reduce the density of the surrounding forest

To learn more you can visit the Utah Red Cross website.