BEAVER, Utah (ABC4) — Containment at the Thompson Ridge Fire just outside of Beaver, Utah, has increased to 85%, according to Utah Fire Info.

Officials said, “With a few days of strong work through difficult conditions, the firefighters on the Thompson Ridge Fire have achieved 85% containment. Management of the fire will be turned over to the local unit Tuesday morning.”

Humid conditions have reportedly remained in the region, allowing for sporadic rain to continue to fall on the fire. Fire crews have also able to clean up any heat spots that threatened the line.

“Fire behavior is expected to be minimal,” officials said. There is reportedly little threat to the perimeter of the fire.

Firefighters will continue to monitor the remaining uncontained areas of the fire’s edge while the fire is expected to be handed over to local fire authorities.

“As storms continue to impact the area, firefighters are pulled from the fireline as needed to avoid any injury and minimize danger from flooding,” Utah Fire Info stated.

The size of the fire remains at 7,253 acres. Officials said 237 personnel are currently involved with the Thompson Ridge Fire.

No further information is available at this time.