EMERY COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) — A wildfire in central Utah that has burned for nearly two months, causing headaches for firefighting crews, has been extinguished courtesy of a blanket of snow.

In a final update regarding the Lighthouse Canyon Fire, Utah Fire Info confirmed all firefighting crews have been pulled off of the fire. Fire officials said the area in Emery County has received snow, which will help extinguish what is left of the fire.

Snow covers the ground in Emery County, prompting fire crews to leave the scene of the Lighthouse Canyon fire which has burned for nearly two-months (Courtesy: Utah Fire Info)

The snow comes as Utah’s weather turns from summer into fall. A cold front from the Pacific Northwest brought with it chilling temperatures and some healthy levels of precipitation. While many of Utah’s lower elevations will only see rain showers, the higher elevations have received blankets of snow.

The Lighthouse Canyon Fire sparked on Wednesday, Aug. 16 after lighting struck brush in the wilderness, about 16 miles southeast of East Carbon.

High winds and dry weather conditions helped the fire grow since. At the beginning of September, winds carried embers from the main fire, sparking a “spot fire” about a quarter-mile away. Unburned vegetation within the fire’s perimeter also ignited, adding to the flames.

The smoke from the fire lowered visibility in the area, adding to the difficulty of fighting the flames and getting an accurate estimate of its size. By Monday, Oct. 2, nearly two months after the fire initially started, the fire burned an estimated 2,037 acres.

According to Utah Fire Info, fire crews managed to get the fire 40% contained before the blanket of snow came in to douse the flames.