BEAVER, Utah (ABC4) — A fire that sparked about 11 miles southeast of Beaver has grown to cover 250 acres since Friday, according to the Central Utah Fire Interagency.

The fire has been dubbed the “Thompson Ridge Fire.” According to a press release, the fire started on Friday, Aug. 4, after lightning struck in the area. Fire officials said the fire has been “smoldering, creeping and group torching with spotting.”

When the fire was first reported, it was only five acres in size. Since then, the fire burned on heavy dead and downed timber and mixed conifer to grow in size.

There have been no evacuations issued as part of the fire, but firefighters are beginning to reassess their approach.

“Fire managers are evaluating potential control features and are developing objectives commensurate with the values at risk,” stated Central Utah Fire Interagency on Monday. “A Type 3 Incident Management Team has been ordered.”

According to the National Park Service, a Type 3 Incident Management Team reorganizes the chain of command and resources in an attack. The Incident Commander begins to take on more of a “managerial” role in firefighting rather than a hands-on approach. Additional positions such as general staff and command may be filled.

The attack may also be extended into an additional operational period of 12 hours and could require a more thorough incident action plan. Resources for firefighting may vary from several single resources to several task forces and strike teams.

Central Utah Fire Interagency said there is 1-Type 6 Engine, 1-Type 3 Helicopter with crew, and Tushar Mountain Wildland Fire Module currently on hand to fight the fire.

As of Monday morning, the Thompson Ridge Fire is being reported as zero percent contained.