SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Happy Monday, Utah!  Wet weather potential will continue along areas of southern Utah as moist air moves in from the southeast to the northwest.

Bottom Line?! Flash flooding remains a concern over southern recreational areas this week

By Monday afternoon and evening, the moisture will increase to the north, approaching the I-70 area. With the moisture moving in, expect isolated to scattered thunderstorms during the afternoon. It’s possible that considerable cloudiness in some areas of southern Utah may limit convection in the afternoon. Areas with ample sunshine, and the higher terrain, will see the best chances of thunderstorms. 

Looking ahead to Tuesday, and through the middle of the week, there will still be moisture in the southern part of the state while the northern areas will likely stay dry. The temperatures will remain warm, with the highs being about 5 degrees higher than usual in northern Utah. Daytime highs in southern Utah will remain close to seasonal averages. Since there will still be moisture in the southern half of the predicted area, there’s a chance of rain showers and thunderstorms every day, and there could even be isolated instances of flash flooding in dry riverbeds, narrow canyons, and areas that have recently experienced wildfires.

Towards the end of the work week, there’s a growing chance of a low-pressure system moving closer to the coast. This might bring more moisture into the region, particularly in the northern areas. Weather models show that there might be more organized storms due to stronger wind patterns between the two different weather features. This could lead to more flooding concerns later in the week and into the weekend. We’ll need to keep an eye on these trends as we get closer to the end of next week to see where strong storms and heavy rain might be a concern.

As the low approaches the Northwest this weekend, heights will start to drop, which could lead to cooler temperatures overall. However, there’s still some uncertainty about the exact temperature changes this far out, especially in places like Salt Lake City and St. George. But in general, we expect temperatures to become cooler over the weekend and next week. Stay tuned! 

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