SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Happy Weekend, Utah! Overall, we are drying out and warming up, but some lingering moisture wants to hang on in part of Utah for the weekend. Any isolated storm or shower development will favor east of I-15, with south-central Utah mountains looking at the best chance for storms. For areas along and west of I-15, while the chance of rain is low, it’s not zero so for any outdoor plans this afternoon and evening, keep a watchful eye on the sky just in case! We won’t see too many changes from what we saw Friday with isolated storm potential, but temperatures will ease up by a few degrees in most spots. Beginning Sunday and into early next week, as high-pressure retrogrades over Utah, the lingering monsoon moisture will get cut off. This means skies are looking mostly dry as daytime highs will range a few degrees above average. 

At most of the Mighty 5 and southern Utah recreation areas, Flash Flooding remains in the possible category. The two exceptions are Zion and Capitol Reef. Zion is in the not likely category, while Capitol Reef has a higher risk in the probable category.   When the risk of flash flooding is elevated, it’s a good idea to avoid backcountry hikes, especially ones that involve slot canyons and normally dry washes. 

Outside of any wet weather today, most will see mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies. Daytime highs will come up a bit compared to the last few days which will land us within a few degrees of seasonal averages across the board. Along the Wasatch Front we’ll see mid to upper 80s while St. George reaches for the mid-90s this afternoon. By tonight, any wet weather potential will go down as temperatures gradually ease down to what we had last night, meaning 50s and 60s for most. 

Along the Wasatch Front we’ll be back in the low to mid-90s while St. George will climb back to triple-digit temperatures once again. At this point, models are optimistic that moisture will try to make a comeback by the end of next week, but that’s just something we’ll monitor for now. Stay tuned!