SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4)- Another day of smoky skies is in store for us as we have smoke still filtering in from the wildfires out west.

Smoke will continue to leave us under very unhealthy air quality throughout Utah. And unfortunately, we will not see any real relief for the most part until later this week.

As the high-pressure system continues to spin over the California-Nevada border bringing in smoke it is also the main source of our heat for the day. So it gives us a one-two combo of poor air quality and high heat.

That means another day under the air conditioning unit will be on the menu for us. We can expect to see temperatures ranging around the 90s and 100s as our southerly flow brings lots of warm air for us.

Heading into tonight and the overnight hours we can expect to see that we have our southerly flow helping break up some of the thicker smoke still hanging around for some slight relief.

Air quality will still remain moderate at best. Our lows will range around the 60s and 70s for most of Utah once again.

In short, another smoky and hot day is in store for us as we still just cannot shake off the high pressure over the west coast.

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