Woman’s Tinder profile sparks fierce debate over how to hang toilet paper

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A woman’s Tinder profile has refueled a decades old debate: What’s the correct way to hang your toilet paper roll?

Hana Michels is a 30-year-old writer who joined the dating app about a year ago. In that time, she says she’s been contacted by 23 men who weren’t looking for love – they just wanted to tell her she’s incorrect about the way she’s hung her toilet paper.

People on Twitter quickly went into a furious debate over who’s right. Her tweet alone had over 900 replies with some passionate opinions on using the “over” method or “under” method. 

Is there a correct answer? Maybe. Tech writer Owen Williams apparently found the 1891 patent for the toilet roll. It seems the inventor, Seth Wheeler, intended people use the “over” method.


But that didn’t stop the debate.

Many on Twitter were quick to point out that the “over” method is a terrible idea if you share your home with cats.

Other’s simply found solutions that make no one happy.

So is there a correct way to hang the toilet paper in your house? Let us know on the ABC4 Utah Facebook page.

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