Why Butter Coffee is Better

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Butter coffee is all the buzz on the healthy eating circuit, and is being touted as the best option for breakfast. So let’s take a look at what’s in it, how to make it, and why it might be a delicious option for you!

Why it Works

Coffee serves as a morning time pick-me-up, but it’s effects tend to wear off in the late morning or early afternoon, leaving you feeling tired and out of energy. When you add butter and/or coconut oil to your coffee, it turns your joe into a slow release source of energy that will last you most of the day, and won’t have the harsh comedown that regular coffee does. The fat in the butter slows your digestion, and lets the caffeine seep into your system more slowly. That gives you a prolonged energy boost without the crash.

Special Ingredients

Not just any old coffee and pad of butter will do for the perfect cup of butter coffee. Dave Asprey, the creator of Bulletproof Coffee, says you need to use low-toxin coffee, grass-fed, unsalted butter, and MTC oil (specialized coconut oil) to get the perfect chemistry for sustained energy. You can see Dave’s recipe here.

A Word of Caution

While butter coffee is tasty and sustaining, adding the special ingredients adds about 200 calories per cup to your daily count. It’s also important to remember that butter is high in saturated fat, which can have a negative effect on your cardiovascular system if you have too much. Be sure to account for the content of your butter coffee, and plan a healthy diet around it. If you’re not a big coffee drinker, tea can be substituted for the coffee, and will still be delicious.

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