What reopening your favorite Utah restaurant might look like

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  • On Good Things Utah today – Happy World Wish Day! We are all wearing our blue stars and celebrating the Make-A-Wish Foundation today. Plus, Nicea is sharing her daughter’s graduation announcement, and the plan for restaurants to start opening across the state this Friday. What changes does that mean for your favorite locations? Plus, how to help your aging parents while social distancing. Actress Kristen Bell shares a home-school parenting fail. And feeling stir crazy? We promise this social media trend will make you (and Brian) laugh this morning!
  • And if staying at home has made you more frustrated with your pets, one man says changing behavior can be as easy as a whistle! Plus, health experts say stop worrying about gaining the Quarantine 15! We’ll tell you why the stress is worse for your health than the possible weight gain.
  • And at the end of the show, how to get your kids to stop snacking in the kitchen all day long! Surae has a cute idea that her little kids love. Hope you join us for today’s GTU.

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