What are the main types of wasps around homes during summer?

With all this warm weather you’ve probably noticed more swarms around your home and maybe even a couple of wasp nests.

Brand Miller from Edge Pest Control explains the different types of wasps you may find around your home this summer.

Paper wasps-These wasps tend to be a dark brown or can be banded with yellow and black. They build an open paper nest on almost any structure including trees, rocks, eaves, ceilings, or playgrounds.

Mud Daubers-These wasps build a hard mud nests on the exterior walls of the home. They are not very aggressive.

Yellowjackets-Tend to be more aggressive then other wasps. They will easily sting if they feel threatened. They are considered scavenger insects and are attracted to sugars like fruits, and proteins.

Hornets-Baldfaced hornets are very common here in Utah. They build paper nests that are enclosed in a gray, papery shell. These nests can get bigger then a soccer ball. These nests can be built high on branches of trees or on structures.

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