This kid is a legend. On April 5th, Carter Wilkerson had the audacity to ask Wendy’s how many retweets he would need to get for a year of free chicken nuggets.

Wendy’s reply, “18 Million.”

“Consider it done,” replied Carter Wilkerson.

In only 2 days, the unthinkable happened.

There were a few that doubted.

Some thought about the logistics.

I don’t think anyone expected this outcome.

And after only two days, Carter showed the haters what’s up.

Go retweet @carterjwm’s original tweet to help him win free nuggets for a year!  After the weekend, Wilkerson has already obtained 2.2 million retweets with 15.8 million retweets to go. Without a stated time limit, the kid might actually have a chance.