Makeup Trends for Men

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Did you read that right? Am I talking about men wearing makeup? Well, the idea is not as far out in left field as you think. Beauty is a burgeoning $382 billion industry, and men account for 15% of these sales. While a full face of foundation and experimenting with lip shades aren’t the mainstream focus of men, more and more men are turning to cosmetics to enhance, correct, or spice up their look.

Concealing and Correcting

Women aren’t the only ones who get dark circles under their eyes after a rough night, and they’re not the only ones who feel self-conscious when a blemish pops up. Traditionally, these kinds of countenance crises had men running to their sister, mom or girlfriend for a spot of concealer, but those days are gone. Cosmetic lines dedicated to meeting the needs of men offer concealers and other products that are more suitable for men’s skin types and tones.

A Natural Glow

Whether it’s a lack of sun in the wintertime, or you’re still recovering from a bout of the flu, walking around looking washed out can be offputting. A dusting of a light bronzer is a popular cosmetic move for men who need to look their best, even when they may not be feeling their best. Choose a tone that’s just a shade or two darker than your current skin tone to get a totally natural looking glow.

Big Events and Camera Time

Even the most flawless complexion will look pale and shiny under the bright lights of a big event. Basically everyone you see on the red carpet is sporting some kind of makeup, including the men. When you have a big event scheduled, particularly if you’re going to be on camera, a dusting of powder will take the edge off of shine. Combine this with a light foundation and you’ll come across looking naturally flawless.

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