Kayla Itsines’ Top 3 Thigh-Toning Exercises


We are huge fans of the adorable yet fierce Aussie, Kayla Itsines and her Bikini Body Guide Program. Kayla is the founder of the Sweat With Kayla app and has developed a huge following in a relatively short amount of time in the fitness world. She focuses on high intensity movements combined with strength training. She pushes the importance of correct form with every movement. Below, Kayla gives us 3 of her favorite thigh-toning exercises, just in time for swimsuit season:

1. Box Jumps

2. Sumo Kettle Bell Squats

3. Alternating Lunges

1. Box jumps are great for toning. Squat in front of the box and power from the ground up onto the top of the box. It’s a pretty simple-looking move but amazing for leg strength and toning up your quads! – 15 reps (Try a 40cm high box)

2. I have inserted a photo for Sumo Kettle Bell Squats above. Sumo means wide (standing like a Sumo wrestler). Having your legs out further helps to work your inner thighs, as well as your glutes. Keeping upright while holding the kettle bell, simply squat in this position while maintaining correct posture and you will start to feel your inner quads and glutes burn! BUT, make sure that your knees are pointing out too. – 12 reps (approximately 8kg+)

3. And finally, alternating lunges. Start by standing in neutral position. You then step forward with one leg and lower down into a lunge (almost hitting the ground with your back knee), then push back to neutral again. Repeat this on movement (back and forth) alternating sides each time. – 20 reps (10 reps each leg approx. 15kg barbell)

So next time you’re in the gym, give these a try!

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