Heal Acne and Erase the Signs of Aging With At-Home Phototherapy

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Heal Acne and Erase the Signs of Aging With At-Home Phototherapy

As a world class stylist and best selling author in Australia, Troy Thompson had his finger on the pulse of the health and beauty industry there. Phototherapy treatments are more common in plastic surgeon’s offices and health salons in Australia, and Troy saw first hand just how effective they are in treating acne and reducing the signs of aging. When we saw that this treatment was available for use at home, we knew we had to feature illuMask as our Product of the Week!

Why illuMask Works

IlluMask is like an extended pair of sunglasses that you place over your face. It contains LED lights that give off light in a very specific color spectrum. This light has a beneficial effect on the skin, without any negative side effects.

  • For Acne: Red light reduces inflammation, heals breakouts, and evens skin tone, while blue light kills acne-causing bacteria, reducing current acne and preventing future breakouts.

  • For Signs of Aging: Red and infrared light helps to stimulate skin cell turnover and regeneration while increasing the production of collagen and elastin in your skin.

In clinical studies of acne patients who use illuMask, over 93% of users saw overall skin improvement in as little as two weeks. The median number of inflammatory acne lesions was reduced by 100%, while the number of non-inflammatory lesions was reduced by over 73%. Users saw an improvement in oiliness, dryness, and flakiness of the skin, as well as increased skin smoothness.

In clinical studies of patients who used illuMask for reducing the signs of aging, 94% of users had more even skin tone and radiance after four weeks of daily use, and 96% of users saw a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles after four weeks of daily use.

Heal Your Skin for $1 a Day

While traditional phototherapy treatments required a trip to the medical spa and a hefty fee, the illuMask brings this treatment right into your home. Simply place the mask over your face right after washing, and turn it on. The mask will run for 15 minutes, and then automatically turn off. You can purchase the illuMask on their website for just  $29.95, making these quick and easy treatments cost less that $1 a day!

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