Five Ways to Look 20 Pounds Younger

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Over half of the American population report that they want to lose weight, and the majority of people place their weight loss goal in the 20 lbs. target range. Feeling great about yourself can be very motivating, so kickstarting a fitness routine with some quick tips is a good idea. Editor in Chief of Yahoo Health, Michele Promaulayko, has written a hit book, 20 Pounds Younger, about how and why you should lose 20 pounds. It’s all about shifting into a healthier lifestyle, but she also gives us 5 quick ways to look 20 pounds younger now!

  1. Eat Anti-Inflammatory Foods: Chronic inflammation becomes more of a problem after age 30, and can cause us to feel tired and sick. Anti-inflammatory foods like leafy green veggies and omega-3 rich seeds (hemp, chia, flax) help to clear out inflammation and improve your overall health.

  1. Meditate: Breathing exercises, Yoga, Tai Chi, and traditional meditation exercises all trigger a relaxation response within your body. This response is essential for a healthy, youthful aura.

  1. Strength Training: Your body will look and act more youthfully when it’s supported by strong, lean muscle. Strength training, either in the form of body resistance or weight lifting, will increase lean muscle mass, which increases your calorie burn, even when at rest.

  1. Oil Your Skin: It may seem counterintuitive to put pure oil on your skin, but this is a simple way to infuse your face with youth. As estrogen levels begin to drop with age, oil glands secrete less oil, and your skin gets dehydrated. Coconut oil and argan oil are great for sensitive skin, help clear up acne, and will moisturize your skin luxuriously.

  1. Get Rest, Not Just Sleep: Getting a good night of rest is important to your health, but getting rest throughout the day is important too. Taking restful breaks throughout the day reduces stress, which will slow the signs of aging. Take a step back, call a friend, get some fresh air, and let your stress go periodically throughout the day.

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