Fighting Allergies for a Youthful Spring

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Puffy eyes, a lack of energy, and cold and flu-like symptoms can be blamed on illness, or even just getting older. Often times, these symptoms are actually caused by allergies, especially at this time of year when everything’s in bloom. Don’t spend this beautiful Utah spring feeling sick and worn out! use these allergy fighting tips to have a youthful fresh start this season.

  • Pin Down Your Allergies: Visit your doctor and be tested to determine exactly what you’re allergic to. Once you have that information, you’ll be more successful at avoiding allergens, and treating symptoms.

  • Find the Right Medicine: The trick to treating allergy symptoms is to stay on top of them. Ask your doctor for a recommendation about over-the-counter or prescription allergy medication that can help you to keep symptoms at bay. Be sure to take the correct dosage regularly, since most of these types of medication work best when they’re allowed to be consistently in your system.

  • Keep Your Hair and Clothes Clean: Pollen and other allergens can be carried on your hair and clothes, and can be irritating to you even when you’re indoors. Keep your hair and clothes clean daily to keep your exposure to allergens to a minimum.

  • Keep Your Pets Clean Too: Pets can bring pollen into the house on their fur, and their dander can be irritating too. Have your pets groomed regularly so they will be as clean as possible. Brush your pets in between groomings to keep their coats allergen-free.

  • Check the Forecast:  Just like you wouldn’t go outside during a big storm, you should try to stay indoors when pollen counts are high too. Most weather reports will include a pollen forecast, so you can plan to have a nice day indoors when things are at their worst.

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