FDA Set to Approve New Double Chin Reducer


Pharmaceutical company Kythera saw a huge jump in stock this week when FDA staff concluded that their fat reducing drug, ATX-101, has benefits that outweigh its risks. ATX-101 targets fat cells in the chin area, eliminating them and the “double chin” look along with them.

How it Works

ATX-101 is a formulation of deoxycholic acid, which destroys fat cells while leaving the surrounding tissues largely unaffected. The medication is administered through a localized injection, similar to many other types of cosmetic facial treatments. This type of targeted fat reduction will be perfect for reducing stubborn pockets in areas like the chin. ATX-101 is being approved specifically for double chin reduction, but the application of this type of medical technology could be far-reaching.

When it Will Be Out

Now that the FDA staff has found ATX-101 to be safe, an independent panel of reviewers will form a recommendation on the drug and send it back to the FDA for approval. The FDA almost always agrees with this panel’s decisions, so it looks like this drug should be hitting the market soon. The final decision on ATX-101 is set to be delivered by May 13.

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