Duerden’s: Viking Steam Oven

With all the high-tech appliances you need, the modern kitchen can get pretty crowded. But there is one way to cut down on the space.

Duerden’s is talking about their amazing Viking Steam Oven. This baby does everything better. It is a convection oven, a steam oven and a microwave oven all in one. This appliance is perfect for reheating those take home dinners from last night, reheating Artisan breads and cooking frozen pies, just to name a few.

Microwaves are designed to cook in a different way by drying out food instead of adding moisture to it. Have you ever cooked vegetables in a microwave? Often times, they come out shriveled instead of steamed. This is because of the dry cooking verses the steam cooking.

This oven is perfect for warming that perfectly cooked steak. It will not continue to cook but instead, just warm it through steam. Because it has all three of the features that you might want in your kitchen with other appliances, you can install it where your microwave is. Perfect for empty nesters or singles who want all of the uses for multiple appliance built into one or that household that has the need to multitask. 

For more information visit www.duerdensappliance.com.

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