Where are the most common places for spiders to be nesting around the home?
As we approach the middle of the spring, it is really common to start seeing an increase of spider activity around the home. Spiders will try to build webs in areas that are undisturbed; such places like garages, sheds, and basements. Some spiders will try to nest around the foundation of the home. They prefer nesting in secluded places that are lower to the ground.

Why do some people have more spiders around the home then others?
Some homes seem to have more spider activity then others. There can be many factors that can contribute to that. Homes that may have more activity may be close to an open field. Some homes may be in a high construction area, like a new subdivision. Other homes may have a lot of plants, trees or gardens surrounding the home. This will increase the bug activity that spiders feed off of. Others may have had spider activity accumulate over the years. Spiders lay eggs and when those eggs hatch they can have hundreds of baby spiders in them. If there is nothing to control them, some homes may see a large spike when those eggs hatch.

What can people do to minimize spider activity around their home?
There are a few things that can naturally help decease spiders around the home. First, decrease any clutter on the exterior of the home. Second, if you have things stored on the side of the home or in a shed, rearrange it or move them to a new area. Third, sweep up or vacuum any webs that are seen on the interior or exterior of the home.

Why is Edge Pest Control’s treatment work so well for spiders?
The reason our treatment works so well is because of the quality of the products that are used around the home each time. Spiders can walk over many products that are used today because their abdomen doesn’t touch the ground. When a spider walks on our products it sticks to the spider’s exoskeleton and it gets absorbed or transferred to their food which is ingested.