If you’ve never been to the symphony before, the idea of it may be a little intimidating. You may think of formal attire and pricey tickets, but the Utah Symphony is telling us to let go of the misconceptions! Your experience can be much more accessible, affordable, and casual than you may think.

Conner Gray Covington, Utah Symphony associate conductor and principal conductor of the Deer Valley Music Festival tells us the music in concert series are rowdy, fun, and draw in a younger crowd. Favorites like Harry Potter and Star Wars appear on a large screen, while the musicians play the music live! “A lot of our performances now have food trucks outside, we’re doing some things with trivia night, there’s a lot of really exciting stuff that we have going on.”

The Upbeat Society for Emerging Leaders created by Utah Opera Director of Individual Giving, Olivia Custodio is for “young professionals who are interested in getting more involved with Utah Symphony Utah Opera. It’s an exclusive membership program where members who are up and coming in the community want to really stay connected to the arts as they earn more money and grow in their careers.”

Cassandra Dozet, Utah Symphony Director of Orchestra Operations runs Unwound; Utah Symphony New Casual Experience that was launched last March. Events like Rhapsody in Blue features a speakeasy party in the lobby with a cash bar break down the barriers, and invite everyone in to experience the beautiful music that transcends generations.

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