Katy and Jami with Taste Utah visited a Matt at Grove Market on Main Street in Salt Lake City, UT today. This is the epitome of a mom and pop shop but it’s actually a Father/Son team that is locally famous for their subs and hot sauce in the area.

Grove Market is open for ordering at the door or you can call them at (801) 467-8860 ahead of time and order one of your favorite sandwiches and they will meet you at the door, all while adhering to social distancing guidelines with customers and staff.

At Grove Market, you can order one of their ENORMOUS sandwiches, chips, sodas, and their famous hot sauce. One of the famous sandwiches that Grove Market offers is “The Big John” which includes 7 different types of meat, swiss and American cheese plus you can add all the trimmings!

Grove Market was constructed and founded by Greek immigrant, Pete Savas, in 1947. The original business idea was for a neighborhood grocery/produce store in which Pete’s children could all learn to manage as they grew. After Pete’s passing in 1953, his family took over full operation of the store and continue to this day.

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For more information about Grove Market, you can visit their website or call (801) 467-8860.

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