(Good Things Utah) – Katy Sine dropped into one of Salt Lake City’s most iconic hotels to speak with Regis Perret, the General Manager at Laurel Brasserie and Bar about their amazing menu and newly updated dining experience.

Located in the epicenter of Downtown Salt Lake City, Laurel Brasserie & Bar is the perfect gathering spot for locals and visitors to enjoy a casual and vibrant dining experience. A neighborhood brasserie with upscale, modern-day touches, Laurel Brasserie & Bar serves European-inspired cuisine without the fuss. Open and flexible all day, the grand space and gracious hospitality welcome all.

The name, “Laurel” is derived from the aromatic evergreen bay tree prominent in classical Greek and Roman culture. The Laurel leaf has served as a symbol of wisdom, nobility, health, immortality, and prosperity.

In ancient Greece, when fashioned as a wreath, the laurel represented victory, success, and achievement. A token of the highest status, they carry that symbolism into the space, energy, and hospitality. Located in The Grand America Hotel, Laurel Brasserie & Bar brings locals and visitors together for an elevated dining experience, in a socially vibrant atmosphere.

The menu will excite restaurant enthusiasts, while dazzling locals and visitors with an expansive wine and cocktail list. A culinary hotspot, Chef Fernando Soberanis has created robust menus with familiar and satisfying dishes using contemporary techniques and ingredients. Whether it is an early morning coffee and pastry or an indulgent afternoon brunch with friends, their standout dishes and drinks make Laurel Brasserie & Bar a Salt Lake City star.

To learn more about Laurel Brasserie & Bar or make a reservation, visit their website now.

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