ATLANTA (ABC4 Sports) – There’s an old adage in golf — drive for show, putt for dough.

But there is also some dough in driving the ball, and Ryan Reisbeck proved that today, winning the long drive senior division championship in Atlanta.

Reisbeck, graduate of the University of Utah, hit a 372-yard drive to beat the No. 4 ranked Senior Division player, Rob Oristaglio, to secure the WLD championship belt.

Reisbeck averaged 369.2 yards per drive, and his longest of the day was 390 yards, and now he is a world champion.

“I’ve had a goal since 2010 when I started doing long drives to win a world championship,” Reisbeck said. “I know it’s not the Open division championship, but there are a lot of really great competitors in the senior division. But Just to work so hard for something and for so long and to finally accomplish it, is just a great feeling, complete elation.”

In qualifying to reach the Round of 16, Reisbeck recorded a perfect score by winning each of his five preliminary round sets. 

Despite competing in the senior division, Reisbeck is also a finalist in the men’s open division of the World Long Drive Championship on Friday.