SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Sports) – This year’s Utah Jazz team will look nothing like last year’s, even down to the jerseys.

The new-look Jazz held its annual media day ahead of the start of training camp, and with 14 new players currently on the roster, this team definitely has a new look.

Donovan Mitchell was traded to Cleveland. Rudy Gobert was dealt to Minnesota. Bojan Bodganovic went to Detroit, while Royce O’Neale was sent to Brooklyn. What a wild summer it was.

“It was kind of like watching Survivor and see who gets voted off the island,” said guard Jared Butler. “So, it was a little dramatic.”

“It was a roller coaster, honestly,” said veteran point guard Mike Conley, who was admittedly a little surprised that he wasn’t traded as well. “It was a lot of unknown. You didn’t know who was staying and who was going. Then once Donovan got traded, the floodgates started opening up. Now all of us are up in the air. I figured if I was to have been traded, it would have already happened.”

“It’s the business, man,” said Jordan Clarkson, one of the few returning players. “It’s all new. A new experience, a new team, a new vibe really.”

It is a new beginning for this franchise and for new head coach Will Hardy, who has the tough task of getting all these new players to gel.

“We have a lot of new faces, and I’m new here,” said Hardy, who takes over for Quin Snyder. “But it’s our job to get to know each other. I think every team has a different identity year to year. We will be tough, we will play with passion, and we will be a team.”

Of all the new players, Collin Sexton, Malik Beasley and Lauri Markannen figure to make the biggest impacts right away. But again, they’re all just getting to know each other.

“I’ve been able to hang around a little bit with teammates,” said Markannen, who came over in the Mitchell trade to Cleveland. “But not too much yet, so I’m looking forward to know them a little better.”

“If we build that camaraderie off the court, it’s going to roll over on the court,” added former Cavs guard Collin Sexton. “So doing things together, whether it’s going hiking or bowling, going to the movies, just doing things like that.”

The Jazz acquired some seven first round draft picks and nine players in the Mitchell and Gobert trades, as Jazz management stockpiles assets for the future.

“It’s kind of a clean slate for everyone,” said general manager Justin Zanik. “Some of the guys that have come in and had two or three years of experience at other teams, this is a new situation. This is a new chance to maybe do somethings that you weren’t able to do before.”

The team is aware of the low expectations put out by the national pundits, and they’re out to prove people wrong.

“I tell the guys that we can do this,” said forward Malik Beasley. “I don’t know what the expectations are or what the situation is, but my expectations are to go to the playoffs.”

“We all have a chip on our shoulder, and we all want to win,” added Sexton. “We see what everybody is saying about us.”

“It’s an extra level of motivation,” said forward Jarred Vanderbilt. “Just to go out there and not even necessarily proving people wrong, but proving us right.”

The Jazz open the preseason schedule Sunday, October 2nd at Toronto.