SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) — Utah Jazz fans who also love the delightful taste of Oreo cookies have a new way to celebrate their favorite things in life with a limited edition Utah Jazz-themed Oreo.

As a celebration of the upcoming NBA All-Star game hosted in Salt Lake City, Oreo and the NBA have partnered to launch a limited edition lineup of cookies featuring all 30 teams across the nation. The cookies feature team logos printed in the center of the cookie, surrounded by the team’s colors.

In the case of the Utah Jazz, the cookie features the Jazz note surrounded by sprinkles of yellow and blue. In addition to the Utah Jazz specific cookie, Oreo offers an NBA All-Star cookie featuring the All-Star game emblem that reads “Utah 2023” and is sprinkled in yellow and white.

The cookies come packaged and displayed in a luxurious black box, which could leave collectors on the fence about opening the package and devouring the limited edition item. Each box contains 12 cookies, so it may be safe to say each collection can afford to be missing one or two cookies.

Oreo, an official partner of the NBA, said the OREOiD project is building off the original NBA Dynasty cookie that debuted in 2021.

Fans interested in getting a limited edition box of Oreo cookies featuring their favorite team can do so at Oreo’s website. The Utah Jazz cookie can be found here.