GRANTSVILLE, Utah (ABC4 Sports) – Travis Pastrana, one of the greatest motorbike riders of all-time, doesn’t like to set limits. His Nitro Circus tours have amazed thousands of fans over the years. Now, he’s bringing cars into the mix with NitroCross this weekend at Utah Motorsports Campus.

“We have the biggest jump of anywhere in the world for cars,” Pastrana said about the two-day event. “Four-wheel vehicles, one thousand horsepower, the most horsepower and the biggest jumps you’ll see anywhere in the world. But we’ll also have the Nitro Circus show as far as freestyle motocross, we’ll have all kind of stuff for the fans.”

While most motorsports are adding safety features, Pastrana wants to push the limits as much as possible.

“Every other motor sport they’re saying ‘OK, safer barriers, we’re restricting the cars.’ We’re adding horsepower, we’re adding jumps, we’re adding gaps. It’s going to be carnage, its going to be chaos, but it’ll be fun.”

The track at Utah Motorsports Campus in Grantsville has been modified to add asphalt along with the dirt to give the riders a little more control. New bleachers have also been added to give fans a closer look at the action.

“We added some pavement,” Pastrana said. “We added bleachers to different sides of the track so you’ll be able to get right up. There’s a 130-foot gap jump for cars.”

Some top NASCAR racers like Kyle Busch and Chase Elliott have raced in Nitrocross before, but some top drivers have said no thanks.

“We had an Formula 1 world champion Jenson Button,” Pastrana said. “He got there, saw the jump, turned around, and before we were done with practice he was back at the airport! So, it not for everybody. This is the who’s who, not of your traditional racing, but this is who wants to drive the fastest cars possible.”

And after taking a couple of years off, Pastrana is bringing his Nitro world back to Utah, the State of Sport.

“We really started in Draper, just down the road from Utah Motorsports Campus,” Pastrana said. “So this is a real home base for us. I feel like a lot of the fans and enthusiasts are into off road, they’re into action sports, they get it. It has to be the fastest, it has to be the best, it has to be the biggest and we’re bringing it this weekend.”

The Nitrocross event will be held this Friday and Saturday at UMC. For tickets, click here.