Travis Pastrana brings Nitro World Games back to Utah


Travis Pastrana brings his action sports tour back to Utah for fourth time

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Sports) – If you want to see jaw-dropping tricks on motorcycles, and cars flying 100 feet through the air on a dirt track, then as legendary action sports star Travis Pastrana says, you have to check this out.

The Nitro World Games fly back into Utah Motorsports Campus on Saturday, and Pastrana says fans will see things they have never seen before.

“Nitro World Games is the big air of action sports,” said Pastrana, the founder of the Nitro Circus. “If someone’s going to try something that’s never been done anywhere in the world in the realm of action sports, it’s going to be done right here. This is flying, it’s drifting, this is the next generation of action sports.”

As the tricks get more gravity-defying every year, crashes are bound to happen. But there are cushioned landing pads on the motorcycle jumps to help prevent serious injuries.

“The guys are throwing huge tricks,” said Pastrana. “We’re working a lot with safety, but these guys are going higher than any other discipline anywhere else in the world. So, every year the motorcycles get faster and the riders air awareness gets better.”

Pastrana is one of the greatest motorcross riders ever, but now he’s racing in rally cars on the dirt course.

“With the cars, they say with age, get a cage,” he said. “It is kind of cheating when you build the course and you get everything set up. But I still haven’t been able to win this one yet, so I’m going to try to get on top and see what happens.”

Pastrana could take his action sports event to almost any state in America, but he chose Utah for the fourth straight year mainly because of the people’s love of action sports.

“Utah is the state of sport,” Pastrana said. “We started right down the road in Draper. We edit everything out here, we put on our first Nitro freestyle events out here, we film for the Nitro TV show. It’s something really special that you have out here.”

And what a way to start the week with a wingsuit ride by Luke Aikins and the Red Bull Air Force Team, landing at the State Capitol Monday night.

“We’ve got these squirrel suits on. We’re flying like super heroes over the city. We’ve got pyros sparkling off our legs, we look like meteors almost like super hero flying across the sky. We open our parachutes and land. Travis was there with the governor. It was an awesome experience.”

The Nitro World Games begin at 11:00 a.m. at Utah Motorsports Campus. For tickets, go to

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