HAVEN, Wisc. – At the start of the year, Tony Finau had 2 goals, win a tournament and be one of the 6 golfers to qualify for the Ryder Cup team.

He won last month, but missed the automatic qualifying by just one spot. Although, he made the team as one of the 6 captain’s picks.

“When I talked to him after, I said Tony, listen, this is unprecedented. There has always been 8 people that qualified, and you won,” said Tony Finau’s swing coach Boyd Summerhays. “And he was like, ‘you’re right, that’s all I really wanted to do was win, so that in that team room, I’m with them being a bunch of winners’. So yes, he wanted to qualify on points, but he qualified with a win and everyone knew he was on that team when he won.”

Riding the high from his victory, Finau comes into the Ryder Cup with some momentum. And he’s played well in big events in the past.

“Coming off a win, he’s highly confident, but he has the President’s Cup and Ryder Cup experience on the biggest stage, and if you’re not used to playing well in major championships, that’s what I look at,” said Summerhays. “The Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup feels like a major championship, the energy, the crowd, what’s on the line and he’s proven that he’s played well under the bright lights, so he’ll be ready.”

Another asset he possesses is that he is one of the most well-liked players on the Tour, so he can partner with any of the guys, where some of the other plays can’t.

“He will play with who Strick wants him to play with because he is so easy going and his game adapts well to other guys and he’s good at everything, so we’ll see who his partner is but whoever it is he’ll figure out a way to do well,” Summerhays said. “He loves match play, he won the Utah State Am at a young age and he’s done great in the Presidents Cup and Ryder Cup, won some key points for them so he’s looking forward to it.”

And so is Summerhays. As Tony’s coach, he gets to be there inside the ropes and he says its awesome.

“The Ryder Cup in Paris was amazing and I know the Ryder Cup here on U.S soil will be off the charts so I’m really looking forward to it, it’s an honor,” said Summerhays. “I wear all black all the time, I wore a green shirt for Tony the day after he won, and I’ll proudly be wearing the red, white and blue during Ryder Cup week, I’m pumped.”

The 43rd Ryder Cup will be held September 24th through September 26th at Whistling Straights in Wisconsin.