The ABC’s of the Utah-BYU Rivalry


A is for Austin Collie, who caught that 4th down pass,
B is for the Bowl game, where the rivalry resumed at last.

C is for the coaches, there’s Kalani and Coach Whitt,
D is for the defense that delivers the huge hits.

E is for the effort that both teams put in play,
F is for a field goal, that sometimes saves the day.

G is for the goal posts, the used to get torn down,
H is for Harline, who caught the pass with no Utes around.

I is for interception,
J for jersey name,
K is for the kickoff that starts each and every game.

L ‘s for Lavell Edwards,
M for Ron McBride,
N is for the noise fans make as they display school pride.

O is for the offense that tries to stop the D,
They try to score a lot of points, which of course begins with P.

Q is for the QBs, Hundley and Mangum are the guys,
R is for the receivers, who catch their passes on the fly.

S is for Scott Mitchell, like me, a Springville dude,
T is for the touchdowns, that liven up fans moods.

U-tah leads the series, 59-34 and 4,
V is very likely, the Utes will get one more.

W is for the winners, who always have more fun,
X is for an X-tra point, which of course is worth just one.

Y, I think they’ll lose again, they’ll score 10 to Utah’s 23,
and that’s the end of our poem, because I can’t think of anything that starts with Z.

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