SANDY, Utah (ABC4) – What many viewers don’t realize in regards to the Olympics is that participants have to pay their own way in order to compete on the world stage. 

It’s starting to look like local athlete Ryan Pivirotto stands a pretty good chance in representing both Utah and USA in 2022’s Winter Olympics short track and speed skating event. 

Pivirotto’s ever-increasing GoFundMe for his Olympic journey currently stands at around $6,000, only $4,000 away from his end goal of $10,000. 

Pivirotto’s interest in winter sports started when he began playing hockey at a young age. His small size and speed led him to adopt short track and speed skating in 2010. The athlete’s success earned him a spot on his first world team in 2014. By 2016-2018, he had made the decision to move across the world to Korea to train full time. 

In 2018, Privirotto was granted the opportunity to travel to Pyeongchang as a part of Team USA after he placed fifth at the Olympic Trials. However, he was discouraged to the point of almost giving up the sport altogether after he wasn’t chosen to compete in the games. 

Fortunately, the skater persevered despite his inner turmoil and has been given a chance to redeem himself in 2022. 

To contribute to Pivirottos’s go-fund-me, click here