COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, Utah (ABC4 Sports) – It has been ten years since the video of Herriman’s Sam Gordon slicing and dicing her way through boy’s teams went viral.

“It’s crazy how young I was when I started,” she said. But here we are, it’s still going.”

The video has had millions of views over the years. It made Sam a national star. She appeared on talk shows, Super Bowl ads, and he was even on the cover of a Wheaties Box. But a decade later, she says the best thing to happen since those days is how the popularity of girls football has grown.

“I think football is an amazing sport,” Gordon said. “Having a camp is just a great opportunity for them to play it in a comfortable environment, being challenged and getting the same opportunity as the boys.”

Gordon has teamed with Under Armour to hold football camps for girls. The first one in Los Angeles in March filled up quickly with hundreds of girls showing interest. The second camp at Brighton High School Friday night brought out hundreds more aspiring players.

“There was no thought in my mind when I posted the video of my daughter playing football ten years ago that the next thing we know we’d be having a girls football league and camps,” said Brent Gordon, Sam’s father. “But it just demonstrates that girls do want to play football.”

Brent Gordon is the commissioner of the Utah Girls Tackle Football League, which is fighting to get sanctioned by the Utah High School Athletics Association. The league started with 50 girls in 2015 and now has over 600 this year. And thanks to camps like these, more girls are getting the chance to play.

“One thing we like to say is that interest follows opportunity, not the other way around,” Brent said. “If we give them the opportunity, they’ll come out and play.”

“It’s something that I know grows their confidence and leadership and so many important skills,” Sam said. “It’s just an opportunity to be a football player. They don’t have to be a girl playing football, they can just be an athlete.”

The Under Armour camps have brought out former NFL coaches and players to teach the girls, including former Miami Dolphins wide receiver Chris Chambers and five-time Super Bowl champ Pepper Johnson.

“The ladies take the coaching a lot better than the boys do,” said Johnson, who won two rings as a linebacker with the New York Giants and three more as an assistant coach with the New England Patriots. “They take the coaching into all the details of it all. I mean, I love it. The passion that I know these young ladies have in them, they want to prove themselves. It makes you say we should have been doing this a long time ago.”

“We have some incredible coaches out here,” Sam said. “It is just such a high quality level of everything, and it just validates that these girls are football players.”

Now a 19-year old soccer player at Columbia University, Sam may eventually get back into football after college. The X-League just started with eight professional women’s football teams playing around the country, which Sam has been helping promote.

So, does she still have that electrifying speed that captivated a nation ten years ago?

“I don’t know if I could ever beat 9-year-old me, but I think I’m still fast,” she said.