SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Sports) – Quin Snyder limped into the Jazz media room on Monday, one week after having hip surgery.

As painful as that must have been, losing in the first round for the second time in three years probably hurt even more.

“I thought that our record didn’t necessarily reflect what we could do in the playoffs,” Snyder said. “I felt like we were this close to having a spark, kicking it in, finding that unity or whatever it was, that extra secret sauce and taking off. Obviously that didn’t happen. Had we shot the ball better, we would have had a different result. That doesn’t do a lot for you right now, so you look at all the other variables.”

The Jazz made just 27 percent of its three-pointers in a six-game playoff series loss to Dallas.

“I really believed we just needed a spark,” Snyder said. “We had a chance to do something special, but that didn’t happen. So there is a sense of loss.”

But Snyder says things aren’t that dire. The core of this team is still strong. Now we’ll see if it remains in tact amid speculation that either Donovan Mitchell or Rudy Gobert will be traded this summer.

“We’ve been to six straight playoffs,” Snyder said. “I’ve heard this when people try to say, hey hang in there Quin, how you doing? We’ve won the third most amount of games in the league in the last five years. I would challenge you to find a team in the span of a decade that led the league in defense, and then led the league in offense. But I’m not hanging my hat on that. We want to do more. We want more.”

At times this season, the Jazz looked like the best team in the NBA. At others, they looked disjointed, especially in the fourth quarters, when they blew multiple double-digit leads.

“Unity and connectedness is always challenged,” Snyder said. “It’s challenged by an opponent. It’s challenged over the course of a game with adversity amongst the group. I don’t think there’s a formulaic way to approach that. But when you say Jazz basketball, you have a sense of what that means. I don’t know if you can say that about every team in the league.”

Having just completed his eighth season at the helm, Quin Snyder is due for a contract extension, but he didn’t want to talk about his future.

“My family has loved it here,” Snyder said. “Don’t judge my tense when I speak. My family loves it here, how’s that? Beyond that, I’m not going to discuss my contractual situation publicly. That’s just not something that I want to do or am comfortable doing.”

Just another question to be answered this off-season.