SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Sports) – The Utes football team has gone nine seasons without having a 1,000-yard receiver. Dres Anderson in 2013 was the last one.

But this year, the Utes have several candidates to have big years. In addition to last year’s top receiver DeVaughn Vele, the Utes bring back Money Parks and Makai Cope, while adding freshman phenom Mikey Matthews.

But Kyle Whittingham dipped into the transfer portal to find two seniors with plenty of experience.

Mycah Pittman played three seasons at Oregon and Florida State, while Emery Simmons spent three years North Carolina and last year at Indiana.

For Pittman, adjusting to another offense is nothing new to him.

“It’s really not hard,” said Pittman, the brother of Indianapolis Colts receiver Michael Pittman Jr. “I’ve been a party of multiple offenses now. This is my fourth offense, so picking up a pro-style offense is something I haven’t done, but it’s something I can’t not do.”

Simmons has played in a variety of offenses as well, and he says the Utes offense has taken some time to adjust to.

“It’s been kind of challenging,” Simmons said. “The last two schools I’ve been, it’s been RPO (run, pass option) type offenses, so it’s kind of been fast paced. Here, it’s kind of more huddle up, pro-style offense. So, I’ve got to learn the calls a little bit more.”

Pittman has proved he can be a dangerous receiver at the highest level, catching 32 passes for 330 yards and three touchdowns last season at Florida State. He just hasn’t been able to stay healthy.

“Every single year of my college career unfortunately has humbled me, and I’ve been injured,” Pittman said. “It’s finally nice to have a healed labrum, a healed arm, and a healed collarbone. Being able to be out here with the guys and compete has been great.”

Pittman is at Utah because he wants to win a conference championship, and he knows how good the Utes can be.

“[I want a] Pac-12 Championship,” he said. “I wasn’t going to leave a big-time program like FSU if I didn’t know I was going to be able to have other opportunities at other schools.

Plus, Pittman knows Utes quarterback Cam Rising very well, having both grown up in Southern California.

“I’ve known Cam Rising since eighth grade,” Pittman said. “The last time we played against each other [in high school], I had 225 against their best corner, who went to Boise State. So, he knows I can make plays.”

Simmons chose Utah because of the tradition the Utes have built, and the tight-nit group the Utes have.

“The comaraderie, and the toughness of the football program,” said Simmons, who 37 catches for 408 yards last season with the Hoosiers. “I love Coach Whitt. I joke about it all the time that he gives me Godfather vibes. Everything is just like you follow what he says, and everything goes right.”

Looks like Whittingham made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.