SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Some members within the Salt Lake community received an email this week inviting them to take part in a focus group to test the waters for a Major League Baseball team in Utah.

Major League Baseball has been publically considering expanding its league to 32 teams. Salt Lake City is on the shortlist as one of the possible destinations. Thanks to a push from a group called Big League Utah, led by the Miller Family and the Larry H. Miller Company, the possibility of Salt Lake City being awarded another professional team is a little more likely.

The current plans from Big League Utah would be to utilize property on Salt Lake City’s west side, in the Rocky Mountain Power District. The new ballpark would fit on a 100-acre lot near the Utah State Fairgrounds and would host Utah’s future MLB team, should it be awarded one.

Now, in order to conduct “market due diligence,” focus groups are being put together to test the waters of MLB and the construction of a new ballpark in Salt Lake City. Big League Utah said it has partnered with a third-party firm to conduct the focus groups.

“Feedback from the community is vital to our efforts,” reads the email invitation from Big League Utah. “We will be hosting a limited number of focus group sessions to gather thoughts and opinions regarding a potential MLB expansion team in greater Salt Lake City and the construction of a new ballpark.”

The focus groups have very limited space and were filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. The groups reportedly filled up within 20 minutes of the email being sent out.

Big League Utah says that while the coalition for an MLB team in Utah is ready now, they anticipate expansion is still multiple years away. The coalition would also welcome a relocation team, should one be willing to move to Utah.