AIKEN, South Carolina (ABC4 Sports) – It’s been a minute since we’ve seen Zac Blair playing in a PGA tour event.

He had shoulder surgery and he’s missed most of the last two years but he’s keeping himself busy.

He’s building a golf course in South Carolina called the Tree Farm, about 30 minutes away from Augusta.

“Found a cool piece of property for sale a handful of years ago and went out and looked at it with some friends and thought it was a pretty cool place,” said Blair. “Obviously the land was appealing, good soil for golf, good topography for golf. Midway through the build, start grassing next Monday, so it should grow in this summer and be ready next year for the Masters.”

Fans who travel to the Masters are always looking for places to play while they’re in Augusta, and starting next year Blair is hoping he can attract some of those golfers.

“Biggest golf sporting event in the world, you just have a crazy high influx of people traveling in for that week,” Blair said. “It’s definitely something that we kind of baked into the business model and expect it to be a high traffic week and we built it for people to see so that’s kind of a good week to do it.”

Blair has been on site many times over the past year, and this is his baby. He designed the holes, and he’s watching it come to fruition.

“I definitely knew it would be a lot of work, learned a lot along the way, so that’s been really fun for me,” said Blair. “Hopefully the goal for me would be able to do something in Utah in the next little while.”

This is a massive project with a lot of investors, and Blair isn’t sure when they will see a return on their investment.

“It depends on how good of a product that we build and we’re pretty confident that we’ve got a pretty good one cooking in the oven right now,” Blair said.

While course designing is definitely in his future, he hopes he’s not done playing on the PGA Tour just yet.

“Hope to continue to golf, this has been a nice little project to fill the void in terms of not being out on Tour the last 2 years with the shoulder injury,” said Blair. “But the plan is to definitely keep playing golf, it’s a pretty good day job.”

Blair is hoping to return to PGA tour events this summer.