(ABC4) – The cat might be out of the bag, so to speak.

According to the fan-run social media platform, Jazz Nation, images of the Utah Jazz’s new uniforms have been leaked. The photos shown on Jazz Nation were apparently sent via Instagram from an unnamed source via a profile that has since been deleted.

The images have not been verified for their authenticity yet, but ABC4.com has reached out to the Jazz for confirmation. It is possible the team may not comment at this time, hoping to make a grand announcement or unveiling for itself at a later date.

Team owner Ryan Smith confirmed in October that the Jazz were working on a rebranding based on the colors white and black. Yellow has also been used heavily in recent marketing materials on emails, social media posts, and branding elements inside Vivint Arena.

The photos shared on Jazz Nation appear to be, at the very least, high quality mock-ups of simplistic, modern uniforms – in white, black, and yellow – on a Nike-branded jersey. A couple of the images show a ‘Mixtape’ version of multiple Jazz looks over the years, combined onto a single uniform, something that many NBA teams have done this season with the latest City Edition jerseys that blend historic looks into something new.

Courtesy of Jazz Nation

In addition, an all-black Jazz uniform with the simple branding ‘UTAH’ was also allegedly leaked on Twitter this week by Twitter user @skunwong32, who also apparently leaked a number of other NBA uniforms on his profile. The blurry photo shown on @skunwong32’s Twitter shows a Jazz uniform that appears to follow the same design pattern as the photos sent to Jazz Nation.

The Jazz, who kept the team’s original name from its days in New Orleans when moving to Utah in 1979, have long been looking for a recognizable and strong branding, having tried several different looks to make a confusing name work in a state not known for jazz music.

Smith shared a story that the team’s part-owner and NBA legend Dwyane Wade told him when explaining the rationale for the pending rebrand in October.

“I’ll never forget when you called me and you were like, ‘Hey, my mom wants to know what the Jazz colors are, and we can’t figure it out,’” Smith said towards Wade. “I think in this state we think we know, but outside?”

Well, Jolinda Wade, if the leaks are to be believed, the Jazz’s new colors will be black, yellow, and white.