(ABC4) – There was a junior golf event down in Provo and one of the kids had his grandpa caddying for him — a guy you might’ve heard of, Hall of Fame golfer Johnny Miller.

10-year-old Nicklaus Miller is good. He’s been dominating the 10 and under age group in junior golf this year. He really doesn’t need a caddy.

“He’s been winning almost every tournament in his age group, so there’s not much to say except for ‘nice going,” said Johnny.

“Yeah, I’m having a pretty good year so far. I think I’ve won like 12 or 13,” said Nicklaus.

But Johnny gives advice when he can.

“Like if I’m starting to hook them, he’ll tell me to move it back further in my stance. If I’m putting and it’s uphill into the grain, he’ll tell me that kind of stuff,” said Nicklaus.

Golf is strong in the Miller family. But Nickalus has really embraced the game.

“He averages about 10 hours a day on the golf course, or hitting balls, or putting. He’ll be out there for 8 or 9 hours and then go have dinner and go ‘I want to go back out on the course’. It’s 8:30 and he’ll do that until dark, a lot more than I ever did. Hopefully, he doesn’t get burned out, but he just can’t get enough of golf,” said Johnny.

But having a mentor like Johnny Miller can only help. And as a caddy, Miller says he tries to emphasize the positive.

“I just try to emphasize the good part of the game. When they make a nice putt, I’ll feature that when I talk to them, like ‘That was a great putt on #4″, and try to be positive. The key is to try to get better every year. You don’t want to have a zenith and then a downslope because you get cocky or whatever, but if you can just keep saying, ok next year I can carry that bunker, keep looking forward to things to make yourself better,” said Johnny.

When asked what he liked about golf, Nicklaus said: “I think it’s really fun, sometimes just get all your anger out and hit it as hard as you can.”

“My driver for sure, my driving, it’s the best. (distance or accuracy?) Both.”  

Golf is in his DNA, and it’s also in his name.

“We named him Nicklaus, not Nicholas, but Jack Nicklaus, and Miller, so he’s got, I’m always behind Jack so I’m 2nd place but the bottom line is, he’s got the right stuff,” said Johnny.