Former Jazz players stay competitive on the golf course


Former Jazz players participate in Sand Hollow charity event

HURRICANE, Utah (ABC4 Sports) – When pro athletes retire, they still have the the competitive juices flowing. A lot of former pro athletes turn to golf as a way to stay in the game.

At the Sand Hollow Charity Cup this week, some former Utah Jazz players were there. They love the game, and some are better at it than others.

Ron Boone has been playing for a while.

“I started at 41, so what’s that, 2 years ago,” Boone said. “About that, yea.”

Chris Morris only recently started to play.

“Six years, still trying to get better at it,” said the former Jazz forward.

Quincy Lewis added, “I really enjoy it. It’s my sport of choice now. I don’t play basketball and I don’t run much, so this is kind of it.”

Byron Russell, who played for the Jazz from 1993 to 2002 said,”I just go out every now and then. I’m out here just looking bad!”

To which Boone added, “He’s lost and I hope I’m not exaggerating, three dozen balls today, but he has fun.”

When asked what the best part of of his game was, Russell replied, ” Yelling FORE!!!!”

Boone was the captain of the Jazz team for the charity event.

“I didn’t know I was going to have to baby sit when I agreed to come down here, but we’ve had fun,” he said. “It was good seeing Chris Morris, did not know he played golf, but all of a sudden he’s out on the golf course and he’s a 14 handicap.”

“Whenever the Jazz rep called me, its a no-brainer,” said Morris, “I’m always ready to come back here, its just like home.”

“It’s weird, because we’re not really good golfers, but you put us in a competitive deal and all of a sudden you start to make plays when that athleticism just kicks in so”, said Lewis.

Russell talked about the camaraderie between the former players.

“I think its fun,” Russell said. “It’s a good time and it also brings a few of us together that hasn’t been around each other for a while.”

Even Former Super Bowl-winning quarterback Jay Schroeder enjoyed seeing the Jazz players on the course.

“It is fun, we’re just like everybody else,” Schroeder said. “We watch these guys on TV and we’re like ‘Oh man, there he is!” and its fun to meet these guys and these basketball guys, you look at them and you say, dude, you are tall! It’s not often when I feel small but I feel small.”

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