DENVER (KDVR) — A fire at Empower Field at Mile High caused significant damage and the Denver Broncos President and CEO Joe Ellis is hoping to have the stadium back to normal for the regular season.

Ellis said in an interview during the National Football League owner’s meetings in Florida that his initial reaction was that it wasn’t a huge concern. But after checking out the damage in person with investigators and officials, he realized it was more significant than he thought.

“It was a significant event. And we lost a couple hundred seats, 14 suites, I think were affected. It’ll be a real challenge to get those back up and available for the regular season, I think,” Ellis said. “Our staff did a great job in what was really a serious situation.”

The fire engulfed about 1,000 square feet and has been deemed accidental. Denver Fire said the sprinkler system was working properly and no one was hurt in the blaze.

The fumes from the burning seats were a major issue as Ellis said they were “incredibly toxic.”

Ellis said everything will continue as normally scheduled for the summer events but explained why it will be such a challenge to replace the seats. He said there are steel risers on the floor and the heat from the fire caused them to buckle. He cited supply chain issues being a factor in having the seats replaced and why it could take a long time.