INDIANAPOLIS (ABC4 Sports) – Utah could have its second straight first round pick in next month’s NFL Draft. Following linebacker Devin Lloyd in 2023, tight end Dalton Kincaid is getting rave reviews from scouts at the NFL Combine.

Many NFL experts have Kincaid going in the first round as the first tight end drafted.

What makes Kincaid so good? Out of 150 times the ball was thrown to him in his two years at Utah, Kincaid had one dropped pass. He’s simply the most sure-handed receiver in the draft.

“I just think any ball thrown to me in a one-on-one situation, I should come down with,” Kincaid said. “If I’m open I think I should get the ball, and if I’m covered with one guy, I’m a viable option as well. I truly believe that’s my strongest suit, and I think I’m one of the best pass catchers in this draft.”

Kincaid also has a nose for the end zone with 16 touchdown catches the last two seasons. In 2022, Kincaid had 70 catches for 890 yards and eight scores.

He injured his back in the regular season finale against Colorado, didn’t play in the Rose Bowl and isn’t participating in the NFL Combine this weekend. But he hopes to run drills at Utah’s Pro Day in three weeks. Kincaid also eager to show NFL teams that he isn’t a one dimensional player, that he can block as well.

“I’m excited to prove myself as a blocker,” Kincaid said. “It’s something I’m passionate and more than willing to do. I think I can definitely be used in the run game a lot. So it’s something I’m definitely looking forward to.”

The game that really put Kincaid on the map was the USC game when he had 16 catches for 234 yards and a touchdown. After that game, NFL scouts really started to notice his talent.

“I was put in a great position with my offensive coordinator and head coach really believing in me and trying to get me the ball,” Kincaid said. “I have a great relationship with my quarterback Cam Rising, who is a phenomenal player. He was trusting me and throwing me the ball a lot that game. It’s my job when the ball is thrown my way to catch it and do what I can after the catch with it.”

When he is drafted, Kincaid will be the first Utah tight end selected since Henry Lusk went to New Orleans in the 1996 draft. Kurt Haws is the highest drafted Utah tight end, going to Washington in the fourth round in the 1994 draft.