PROVO (ABC4) – When it comes to Halloween, Brigham Young University Athletic Director Tom Holmoe pulls out all the stops.

The 61-year-old head of the BYU athletics department continues to find ways to outdo his costumes from previous years. His 2021 imagining of Rafiki from the classic Disney animated film (not the 2019 CGI one) is particularly stunning.

Going all-out for the occasion is not a new thing for Holmoe, who has been at the helm of BYU athletics since 2005.

Last year, he worked with BYU’s Theater Arts College to produce a jaw-dropping version of The Phantom of the Opera that likely rivals some of Broadway’s best.

The year before, Holmoe emerged from his magical lamp (presumably) as Genie from Aladdin. Take that, Will Smith.

Clearly, a fan of Disney movies and characters, his costume in 2018 was a reference to the Pixar-animated homage to the Day of the Dead, Coco. Holmoe transformed into the movie’s hero-turned-antagonist, Ernesto de la Cruz, complete with a sugar-skull emblazoned guitar.

Holmoe had already had a history of transforming into movie characters before bringing a cartoon to life. In 2017, his spin on the Mad Hatter from 2010’s live-action Alice in Wonderland gave the film’s actual star, Johnny Depp, a run for his money. The year before that, he provided a menacing Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter movies and books. How he managed to get the slitted nostrils was nothing sort of magical.

Before finding his groove with pop culture characters and icons of the screen, Holmoe cut his teeth by dressing up as historical figures. In 2015, he somehow sprouted deep wrinkles and a gleam of profound genius as Albert Einstein.

So whatever your plans were for Halloween this year, be advised. If you end up at the same costume party as Holmoe, it’s not going to be close. He’s going to run away from the best costume title.

Although his costumes are always a sharp departure from his typical straight-laced appearance as a very visible religiously-tied university, Holmoe always knows how to provide some fun on Halloween. It’s as constant as the Circle of Life, as Rafiki – or Holmoe – might say.