Bees coach steals the show


The Salt Lake Bees opened a home series with Las Vegas tonight.

If you get to any Bees games in the future, make sure you keep an eye on 3rd base coach Ray Olmedo, who puts on quite a show.

At the bottom of the first inning, Olmedo runs out to the 3rd base coaching box. He touches 3rd base, the music starts playing, and Ray turns into a dancing machine.

“I started dancing to every music because that’s what I did when I played at shortstop,” said Olmedo, who hails from Venezuela. “And every music that they put on I just started dancing, it’s something natural.”

He has an elaborate routine he goes through and only does it in the bottom of the 1st inning. At first, he was a little worried about how it looked. But he asked his bosses and some other friends, and they all said the same thing… Rock on!!!

“I do it the first time,” he said, “and I saw the video on Instagram, everybody saw it and I got a lot of text messages saying, hey, you look so good dancing in the 3rd base coaching box. Also, we were doing an early clinic with little kids and moms and they all said that looks good. I say do you think I should do it? They say ‘Yeah!’ Everybody loves it here so I just start doing it.”

As for the umpires and the players on the other teams, they love it too.

“All of these guys are laughing, they tell me, hey you still have some moves, you can dance.”

Bees relief pitcher Jeremy Rhoades added, “He loves it. He loves it. He loves the limelight, it’s great. We all laugh in the bullpen every day, it brings a smile to our face, everybody loves it.” 


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