Aggies open training camp looking for redemption


LOGAN, Utah (ABC4 Sports) – Coming off their worst season since 2008, Utah State opened training camp on Friday with hopes of a bounce-back season.

The Aggies, who finished 3-9 last season, practiced for only two hours in what Matt Wells called the shortest practice in 120 years of Utah State football. But they got plenty of work in as they continued to install new offensive coordinator David Yost’s fast-paced system.

It was the quickest and shortest opening day of practice since, when coach?

“It was short, but it was sweet and it was fast,” said running back LaJuan Hunt. “This new offense that Yost has in right now, it’s really going to be effective. We’re running and running and we’re going to tire out defenses.”

“We played with good tempo today and I saw good communication and guys lining up well,” said head coach Matt Wells. “There are a lot of guys out here that are bigger, stronger and faster than they have been, but we still have a lot of work to do.”

“For the first practice especially, I thought it was really high tempo,” added quarterback Kent Myers. “I thought it was already week two and it’s only the first day. So, I can’t wait to see how fast we progress.”

The offense will progress as fast as Kent Myers learns it. After a standout sophomore season, Myers struggled last year, throwing just 10 touchdowns with 8 interceptions. Now a senior, Myers is looking to finish his Utah State career strong.

“I have to be consistent,” Myers said. “I think when I have a really good game, I just have to build on that and keep going. So when I have a good game, just keep it going and not go down a a little bit.”

“The biggest thing is he’s got to be explosive with the football,” added Wells. “But we’ve got to be stingy with the football and make great decisions with the quarterback.”

As for that 3-9 season that snapped a 5-year bowl game streak, the Aggies aren’t trying to forget about it. They’re actually using it.

“That’s now how Utah State football is,” Hunt said. “That’s not how the culture is shifting, and it’s never going to be that way. We’re never going to have losing seasons like that. Last year was a big burden on me, and that’s all I’ve thought about this whole off-season.”

“It’s just what we were last year,” said safety Dallin Leavitt. “I’m a 3-9 safety, Kent is a 3-9 quarterback, Matt Wells is a 3-9 coach, and that’s what it is, and now we have to fix it.”

“We remembered that all throughout the off-season,” running back Tonny Lindsey said. “In the weight room, they’ve always reminded us that we’re 3-9. It actually humbled us a lot.”

“Really the only way to get that pain away is when we start the season,” said Myers. “So, I can’t wait for September 1st.”

28 days away from the season opener at Wisconsin.

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