SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – Utah has one of the highest rates of Autism in the nation. For children with autism, there is significant resources and support, but once a child becomes an adult with autism, experts say more support is desperately needed. The Madison House Autism Foundation based in Maryland, which also has strong ties to Utah, is trying to change that and Utah will play a big role in the effort.

JaLynn Prince is the Co-Founder (along with her husband Dr. Gregory A. Prince), President and Chairman of Madison House Autism Foundation. The Foundation was founded 13 years ago and bears the name of the Prince’s son, Madison, a 31-year old adult with autism. The foundation’s mission is to examine and improve the lifespan issues and social determinants of health of adults with autism.

Prince says her foundation launched an extensive statewide action plan in Utah at the beginning of April. The foundation is conducting meetings and information sharing sessions with community, business and civic leaders throughout Utah. The next sessions are scheduled for April 28th and 29th. The meetings are intended to coordinate a collective action plan to execute throughout Utah. The end goal is to devise an action plan which then can be shared throughout the country, all coordinated through the Madison House Autism Foundation.

The initiative is called the Autism After 21 Utah Initiative. Visit the website, or email to learn more about the project.