Why you should give raising chickens a try this summer

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah(News4Utah) If you have never raised your own chickens, give it a try this summer! Martha Page, Assistant Manager Riverton IFA Country Store, joined Nicea DeGering to share why it’s such a great idea.

Page says there are many reasons to own chickens:

  • Chickens make great pets – they each have distinctive personalities and are unique pets to have at your house.
  • You know exactly where your eggs are coming from because you are the one feeding and taking care of the chickens. You can influence the nutrition in your eggs by the feed you feed.
  • If you have children, raising chickens in your own backyard gives you a wonderful opportunity to educate your children on where food comes from and how to be responsible for a pet.  

But before getting chickens, there are some things you need to know:

  • IFA has everything you need for chickens. Go to any IFA Country Store and our experts will help you pick out baby chicks, chicken feed and all the supplies you will need to keep your chickens healthy and happy.
  • Before getting chickens, make sure to check the zoning laws for your area. Some areas in Utah do not allow chickens so you will need to make sure your home is not in one of those areas.

And finally, take caution:

  • Summer temperatures are coming to Utah, so you will need to make sure your chickens have plenty of water and shade to avoid dehydration and heat exposure.
  • Beware of any potential predators in your neighborhood and built coops that will protect the chickens. Watch out particularly for cats, dogs and owls even if you live in the city.
  • Your neighbors may be concerned about chickens making noise and escaping through the neighborhood. IFA, knows every breed of chicken they sell, and they can teach you about breeds that are more prone to being quiet and less flighty.

For more information and store locations, visit Ifacountrystores.com

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