Why weight loss is only part of the health equation

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4Utah) – Transformation to the body has to happen in a healthy way. Chiropractic physician Dr. Kristen Kells has created a program to help reestablish a healthy life not just lose weight. Most people start wanting to weight loss, but find what they really want is their vibrancy, energy, excitement, and self esteem to return.

Dr. Kells spent the last twenty years figuring out what works. The right combination of diet, exercise, and other aspects of health. For her it was confusing being a mom, 200 pounds, 80 pounds overweight, and not taking care of herself.

Yes, you want to be thin, but health is more important than just being skinny. You also need energy, mental clarity, and sleep well for example. You want to be able to fulfill your purpose in life.

Dr. Kells helps others get on a plan that offers the full body focus. Tiffany Roberts is one of Dr. Kells client’s that went on a specific eating plan that taught her body to burn fat so she lost weight quickly. Altogether she lost 42 pounds.

If you are tired of the yo-yo dieting and results, this is for you. If you are saying, “I haven’t taken care of myself in a long time, and I’m ready to make a change,” there’s no risk.

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