Who would you rather kiss?

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If your teeth are yellowing due to years of drinking coffee, tea, red wine, or smoking, our friend Angie, is on ABC4 to explain how a whiter smile can actually make you more attractive and take years off your appearance. Whitening your teeth is an easy way to look younger, feel confident, and appear healthier, it can be done in just five minutes a day!

Power Swabs put a little test together called “Would You Rather” where we asked a group of regular people how much more attractive a person is with a whiter smile. They surveyed one hundred women and asked who would you rather spend time with or who would you rather kiss. The guy on the left with the dark yellow teeth or the guy on the right with the bright white smile.

YES! Everyone surveyed was 100% correct, the man on the right does have a brighter smile but the guy on the left could have teeth just as bright as the guy on the left and it would only take him seven days to have it. I would much rather help someone like him see what their smile could truly become and in less than five minutes a day, he too can have that bright white smile with Power Swabs

Maybe he doesn’t like going to the dentist, Maybe his teeth are sensitive but with Power Swabs, you can get a dentist quality teeth whitening in the privacy of your own home. Power Swabs also helps to protect teeth from sensitivity and it’s extremely easy to use.

View the Video and see the demonstration of the power of Power Swabs!

Yellow stained teeth actually make you look older and even unhealthy. Not only that, people spend a fortune on looking good.  You can go to the doctor to make your wrinkles disappear, buy new clothes etc., but if your teeth are still yellow, that’s all people will see.  

Power Swabs is a revolutionary new product that can whiten your teeth in just 5 minutes, visibly taking years off your appearance. 

Today you can receive our complete 7-day treatment, which includes seven Stain Out Swabs and seven Ultra White swabs. This is extremely easy to use and YOU only need 5 minutes a day and with today’s order, you will also receive as a free Power Swabs Stain-Out Quick Stick pen.

The free Power Swabs Stain-Out Quick Stick pen is to help you maintain your white smile after you finish the Power Swabs treatment, you can carry it in your pockets or purse and use it for touch ups before a photo or seeing friends.

Today on ABC4 there is a special offer for viewers. If you call right now, you can take advantage of Power Swabs at an amazing 40% and off special with free shipping.

Call 1-800-663-2909 or visit the Power Swabs website.

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