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Chad with At your Leisure joined Nicea DeGering on ABC4 this afternoon to talk about the show and some of the things they have coming up.

Blue Bell Corn Maze – The Blue Bell corn maze gets kicked off with their annual fun run for Charity and then starts a whole mess of fall activities including pumpkin patches, haunted trails, and a corn maze.

Night Lights festival – September 25th and 26th at the Utah Motorsports Campus in Tooele Valley is the Night Lights lantern festival which is an awe-inspiring experience featuring floating lanterns, smores, and good family fun that you definitely won’t want to miss.

This weekend on The County Seat we will look at a software that can determine the value of a particular parcel of land. This is important to the counties when we start discussing federal parcels within their boundaries. Currently, federal payment in lieu of taxes for Utah totals $40M for right around 33M acres. The federal government pays $1.24 / acre on average for federal land in Utah.

Having a way to value federal land within a county or municipality opens the door for a much deeper conversation about a more equitable exchange. This is important because property taxes can only be collected on 21% of the land in the state.

We were also out on SITLA lands with director David Ure discussing some of the challenges on School and Institutional Trust Lands that are being used by recreationists. Dumping, Target Shooting, and ATVs are creating some real problems West of Utah Lake as well as on other blocks of SITLA land.

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