Was winter harsh on your floors?

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Spring cleaning is here and cleaning your carpets is a big part of that. Jake Stone from Zerorez Carpet Cleaning shared why cleaning your carpets is so important. 

Spring is that time of the year when we really think most about getting a fresh start. But keeping your carpets clean year-round really is a good idea. With kids coming and going constantly and often wearing their shoes in the house or maybe your pet is tracking in dirt from outside. Whatever it may be, carpets can get dirty anywhere. Dirt darkens your carpet and that’s why they appear dirty in the springtime. What about the sands and soil that get dug in deep? Even if you cannot see them, they are ruining your carpets too.

Every time you walk on your carpets they get mashed around. When the carpet is clean – it’s no problem because there is no damage. Even if your carpets look clean if you’ve got dirt, dust, sand, and soil buried down inside them it’s still trashing your carpets. You’d never rub sandpaper on your carpet but every time you walk on dirty carpets those sharp edges of the dirt, dust, and sand is like rubbing tiny little bits of sandpaper on your carpet fibers. Preventing it is easier than you think though.

The frequency of cleaning is all about your own home’s traffic levels. Getting your carpets cleaned once a year is a great rule of thumb. Knowing how nasty they can get, carpets need to be cleaned every six months. The Zerorez Method uses no soaps, no shampoos, so it leaves no dirt-attracting residues behind. There’s nothing sticky or crunchy leftover in your carpets after a Zerorez Clean. Not all of their competition can say that. 

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